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Adriane Muttenthaler leader; piano, composition
Chris Kronreif soprano sax
Viola Falb alto sax
Michael Erian tenor sax
Heinrich Werkl bass
Reinhard Schmölzer drums

____________ Criss Cross was founded by Adriane Muttenthaler in 1982 and is at present one of the most distinctive and profound formations in the Austrian jazz scene.
Criss Cross concerts in Austria and abroad have manifested Austria’s reputation in the world of jazz, and so Criss Cross presents a new and really individual swinging and funky emphasis on »modern jazz« and »cross over« making use of all kinds of related styles and experimental fields.
The supreme aim of Criss Cross is to widen the spectre of extension of contemporary jazz.
Adriane Muttenthaler makes use of the manifold possibilities a sextet offers in outstanding arrangements, thus giving the band members opportunities to develop freely their talents for improvisation.
Christian Baier

____________ TOURs
1986 Israel-tour › 1987 International Jazz Festival Nickelsdorf – austria › 1989 woche der Begegnung Klagenfurt – austria › 1990 germany-tour › 1991 Zeitgenössischer Herbst Niederösterreich ›
1992 Donauinselfest Vienna › Turkey-tour › 1994 Jazzfest Vienna › 1995 Turkey-tour › Jordania-tour › 1996 jazzfestival Zagreb – Croatia › 1999 Turkey-tour › 2000 Mexico-tour › 2002 Serbia-Montenegro-tour › 2003 Hungary & Serbia-Montenegro-tour › Turkey-tour › 2004 Mexico-tour › 2005 Italy-tour › International Jazzdays Zagreb – Croatia › International Jazzfestival PanC╣evo – Serbia-Montenegro › Timisoara – Rumania › 2006 Mexico-tour › 2007 Mexico-tour (Mexico city, zacatecas) › 2008 istanbul – turkey › international jazz festival varna – bulgaria


Chris Kronreif

soprano sax

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- born in Salzburg, Austria, in 1980.
- 1998 Winner of "Outstanding Soloist" Award at "Fiestaval" Toronto, CAN
- 2001-2007 Instrumental Studies at Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Linz, Austria, Graduation as B.A.
- 2005 Winner of "JazzFirst Award" and recording session with Nouvelle Cuisine Big Band ("Mozart Revisited") as featured soloist.

- Performed with... Peter O'Mara, Marc Copland, Martin Stepanik / Lovely Rita, Martin Reiter, David Murray, Don Menza, Jochen Rueckert, John Hebert, Nouvelle Cuisine, Lungau Big Band, Heinz v. Hermann, Jazzwerkstatt Wien, Vienna Jazz Composers, S.K. Invitational / Texta / Blumentopf, etc.

- Own Projects: Chris Kronreif Quartet, JazzIT Stage Orchestra, Present Tension, Hausmusik for Coulin, Trio Grande, div. kleinere Ensembles.

- 2001 Present Tension "Entering the Living Room"
- 2004 The JazzIT Stage Orchestra Workshop "Session One" (Jazzit Edition 1001)
- 2004 David's House "New Point of View" (DH01)
- 2005 Nouvelle Cuisine "Mozart Revisited" (Quinton Q-0502-2)
- 2005 Ballaststofforchester "Frauen brauchen immer einen Hausfreund" (BSO 04)
- 2006 Present Tension "In Detention" (Jazzit Edition 1004)
- 2007 Ballaststofforchester "Ausgerechnet Bananen - Yes, we have no bananas" (BSO 05)
- 2007 SK Invitational "SK Invitational" (Jazzit Edition 1007)
- 2007 Lovely Rita "My Life Between the Exit Signs" (RR001012, LC5021)
- 2007 Hausmusik for Coulin "Hausmusik for Coulin" (PAO10730)
- 2008 Nouvelle Cuisine "Gdoon" (PAO11040)

Michael Erian

tenor sax

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1990 diploma in jazz and popular music at carinthian conservatory and at the Jazzakademie in Graz › 1999 master degree at the »Royal Conservatory« The Hague, Netherlands, with John Ruocco › member of J.A.M. – Austrian Jazz Orchestra with Erich Kleinschuster › performed at: Jazz-Fest-Vienna, Jazz-Jamboree Warschau, Jazz-Festival in Montreaux, North Sea Jazzfestival The Hague, Concert at Noor Al Hussein Foundation, Amman, Tours in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Turkey, South-America with various Jazzgroups › Award on the Shak-Jazz-Concours 1993 The Hague, Award on the Europ Jazz-Contest-Belgium 1994, Award on the Middelsee Jazz-Concours 1995 › discography: J.A.M. – Austrian Jazz Orchestra »Round Christmas«, Arnulf Ochs Quintett »Welcome to my world«, »isonzo« Extraplatte, Vienna Concert Big Band feat. Wolfgang Muthspiel, Quintone; »In the meantime«, Arnulf Ochs, JAZZ´n´ARTS, »Winnetou« couch-ensemble, JAZZ´n´ARTS, Klemens Marktl, JAZZ´n´ARTS

Viola Falb

alto sax

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1998  studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
  • Saxophone classicalwith Christian Maurer
  •  Saxophone popularmusicwith Klaus Dickbauer, Wolfgang Puschnig.

Finished masterstudies with destinction in 2007  
2004/05 studies in Berlin atthe College for Music “Hanns Eisler“, lessons with Gebhard Ullmann
2004/06 nomination for Hans Koller Prize: Newcomer of the Year
2004/06 winner of JazzzeitAudience Award
2005   Prize of federal ministry: The New Austrian Sound of Music
2007    study of jazzcomposition at the Bruckner University Linz with Christoph Cech

Winner ofthe Hans Koller Award: Newcomer of the Year 2008

Compositioncontracts on behalf of   Grabenfest – Vienna (2006),
Vienna Festival Weeks (2007),  Weinviertel-Festival (2009),
Jeunesse (2010), INÖK  (2012),   University of Music (2013),
contemporary compositions for children, chambermusic,  ...

2010 studies in New York City, lessonswith Chris Potter, Greg Osby, Steve           Lehmann, Hal Crook, ....
2013 member and composer of theEuropean Saxophone Ensembles
2013  scholarship of the federal ministry

Winner of the Composition Competition Classical: Next 2013

Since 2013 compositionlessons with Django Bates in Bern

Bandleader of  FALB FICTION
CDs: „waitingfor“ (JWR 03/05); „lost control“ (JWR 01/08)

Performances at home and abroad: New York, Athens, Trencin, Berlin, Leipzig, Jazz-Festival Wien, Jazz-Festival Wiesen, Porgy&Bess, BA/CA Kunstforum, Radiokulturhaus,  ...

Further projects and played with:  Kitsch & Glory, Tripling, Studio Dan, Phoen, Vienna Jazz Composers, Jazzwerkstatt Wien, Volksoper Wien,  Volkstheater Wien, Burgtheater Wien, Falb Fiction la grande,  ...

Heinrich Werkl

bass, Composition

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studied at the Vienna conservatory › 1980 founded Jazztrio MEXAS › worked with: Al »Fats« Edwards, Lee Harper, Elly Wright, Wolfgang Puschnig, Leo Wright, Mario Lima and others › since 1977 member of the »Roland Batik Trio« › performed at: Brucknerhaus Linz, Musikverein Vienna, Konzerthaus Vienna, etc. › performed with: Angel Romero »Vienna Virtuosi« (Europe and Asia) › since 1995 member of BRIDGES › tours: Europe, Asia, Mexiko, a. o. › discography: Mexas–Jazz, Mario Lima: »Spring Time Fever«, Roland Batik: »Roots«, »Streams«, »Batik plays Batik«, »Neighbourhood«, »Bridges«, Helmut Lohner: »Jazz und Lyrik«, Trio Sued: »Space«

Reinhold Schmölzer


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born in November 1983

• studies of composition with Ed Partyka
• 2008-2009 Jazzinstitute Berlin - Master of Music (John Hollenbeck, David  Friedman)
• 2005-2008 University of Music & Dramatic Arts Graz - Bachelor of Arts (Howard Curtis)
• 2003-2006 Carinthian State Conservatory - IGP (Erich Bachträgl)
• 1990-2002 Music School Spittal/Drau (Karl Unterkofler)

Awards and Scholarships:
• 2014 „Music Support Grant of Federal State Carinthia“
• 2013 „Metropole Orchestra Arranger Workshop“ (cond.Vince Mendoza,feat.Richard Bona)
• 2012 „DOWNBEAT Student Music Awards“ in category arrangement for Large Ensemble
• 2011 - Winner of „Jazzverk“, composition competition for Big Band (Luleå - Sweden)
• 2009 - honors scholarship of „University of Music & Dramatic Arts Graz“
            - „Outstanding Performance Award“ at „Kodolányi Jazz Compet.“ (Siófok-Hungary)
• 2006 support scholarship of „University of Music & Dramatic Arts Graz“
• 2002 „L´Encourangement“, Scholarship of Kiwanis Club Spittal/Drau
• 2002 „1st Austrian Drums & Percussion-Youth-Contest“, Feldkirch/Vrlbg (1st award)
• 1999 „Prima La Musica“, federal & national competition (1st award)

shared stage/studio productions with:
Rob Bargad, Ed Partyka Jazz Orchestra, NDR-Big Band, Michael Erian, Renato Chicco, Wayne Darling, David Helbock Trio, Graz Composers Orchestra, Nina „Fiva“ Sonnenberg, Jazzwerkstatt Graz Composers Ensemble, Jazz Orchester Regensburg, Oliver Kent, Don Menza, Malte Schiller, Bastian Stein, Tonc Feinig, Berndt Luef, Lungau Big Band, Jure Pukl, Primus Sitter, Andreas Tausch 4tet, Daniel Nösig, Karen Asatrian, Àngela Tröndle & Mosaik, Ewald Oberleitner, Lucerne Jazz Orchestra, „Metropole Orchestra Arranger Workshop 2013“ (cond.Vince Mendoza,feat.Richard Bona) etc.

Arranging/Composing collaboration with „Hessische Rundfunk Big Band“ (Germany) KELAG Bigband (Austria) or „HGM Jazz Orkestar Zagreb“ (Croatia).


Reinhold Schmölzer


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